Consider this:

Although 75% of the Earth’s surface is
covered by water, only 3% is suitable for human consumption. In short, water is becoming the resource of the 21st Century. More importantly, it is time we start utilizing this forgotten natural resource.

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Stark Environmental is a proud member
of the National Green Pages and
The American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association.

Stark Environmental is a full service consultancy specializing in Rainwater Harvesting and Stormwater Management.

As the dominant species on the planet, will we continue to consume and spoil more resources than nature can provide or can we alter our actions to create a more sustainable relationship between humans and the natural world? Fortunately, I believe by combining expertise and advanced technology, we can protect the planet while maintaining a thriving economy.

Michael L. Stark

Less than 50% of American household water usage requires the purification of drinking water. This is important to understand when considering a rainwater harvesting system.

Stark's Rainkeeper Water Usage

1: Toilet flushing
2: Clothes washing
3: Other cleaning
4: Garden watering

Purified Water Usage
5: Drinking/Cooking
6: Dishwashing
7: Bodycare

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