Stormwater: The Problem

Development causes a range of adverse impacts on our water resources:

• Centralized or “piped” systems divert rainfall from infiltrating the ground which causes a depletion of ground water and reduced flow levels in creeks and rivers.

• Surface water runoff contains a wide range of contaminants such as oil, pesticides, organics, and toxic metals.

• Stormwater runoff from an ever increasing urban footprint of parking lots and rooftops increases the frequency and severity of flooding.

Stormwater: The Solution
Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS)

SuDS are physical structures and techniques incorporated into planted and paved areas of the site designed to receive stormwater runoff.
Benefits include:

• Prevention or removal of pollutants through ground infiltration, sub-base storage and filtration or bio-filtration.

• Recharge aquifers and ground water supplies.

• Reduced flows and delayed discharges to local waterways through attenuation (storage).