RainKeeper: The clear choice in Rainwater Harvesting

The RainKeeper System makes it simple and affordable to collect and use the abundant supply of naturally pure and soft rainwater that falls on your roof every time it rains.  The shortage and cost of producing purified water for drinking is a growing problem, yet every day a large percentage of this treated water is wasted in homes and industry on uses such as toilet flushing, laundry, pool and hot tub filling, car washing, fire suppression, and lawn and garden watering.

As easy as one, two, three:
From 50 gallon  rain barrels to 50,000 gallon tanks, Stark Environmental can provide the technology and knowledge to assemble a nearly maintenance-free rainwater harvesting system suitable for most household and business needs.

1: RainKeeper self-cleaning filter.
2: Calmed inlet.
3: Floating intake.
4: Overflow Siphon.
5: Infiltration.
6: Integration controller.
7: Electronic pump control.
8: Pump.
9: Pressure tank.
10: Rainwater for washer, toilets, lawn hydrants, etc.